VTAB goes to the movies
A school trip funded by our Elternverein!

On 22.11.2022 we were finally able to watch ,,Black Adam" in the Village Cinema. Being able to do a school trip again after a long time of lockdown was very exciting for me and the other students. It makes me happy that all the students joined us and we were able to watch this superhero movie together. I may not be a superhero fan but being together with others is enough for me. I can't thank mrs. Stevens enough for organizing events like this one and I look forward to other events that will happen this year and hope for the best.

On November 22.11.2022, our class 4aFMDP visited the Village cinema together with our English teacher Ms. Stevens, to watch the film Black Adams in the original version in English. The film is a fantasy adventure starring excellent actors such as Dwayne Johnson and Pierce Brosnan. The story is about power and slavery, where the king Ahk Ton enslaves his subjects until a powerful champion of oppression puts an end to him. In which, in the end, good triumphs over evil. A first-class film. Films in the original language are very beneficial for our English lessons, since not many of us watch English films. The original voices of the stars were strange to hear because we are used to the dubbed voices in German. Finally, we are very grateful to our English teacher Ms. Stevens for this excursion, which made us very happy. (Tim)

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Elternvereins