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GlobalBet is the biggest independent B2B provider of virtual sports solutions, offering the most realistic and reliable virtual sports product to the industry. We create and develop new game experiences for millions of players worldwide by bringing together experienced people that combine creativity, innovation, and passion.

Graphic Design Internship: Unlock Your Creative Potential

Are you a passionate and imaginative student eager to dive into the world of graphic design within the gaming industry? Do you dream of turning your creative flair into a tangible skill set? If so, this internship might just be the canvas you’ve been looking for to paint your professional journey.

At GlobalBet, we understand that every masterpiece begins with a single stroke. That’s why we’re offering an opportunity that goes beyond the typical internship experience. Our program is tailored to students who are taking their first steps into the creative industry – no previous professional experience is not only optional, but preferred.

What Sets Us Apart:

Mentorship: We believe in nurturing raw talent. Throughout your internship, you’ll be guided by experienced professionals who are committed to helping you shape your creative identity. Our mentors bring real-world insights and constructive feedback that will transform your artistic instincts into practical skills.

Real Projects, Real Impact: Forget fetching coffee or filing paperwork. As a Graphic Design Intern, you’ll be an integral part of our creative team, working on real projects with real clients. Your designs will have a meaningful impact, giving you a taste of the responsibility and exhilaration that comes with professional graphic design.

Collaborative Environment: Creativity thrives in collaboration. You’ll have the chance to collaborate not only with fellow interns but also with our entire creative team. We value fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, and we’re excited to see how your unique voice will contribute to our projects.

What We’re Looking For:

Passion: We’re not looking for polished professionals; we’re seeking individuals brimming with passion and a hunger to learn.

Creativity: Your ability to think outside the box and bring fresh ideas to the table will be your superpower.

Openness to Feedback: Growth comes from learning, and learning often involves embracing feedback. We want interns who are excited about refining their skills.




This internship is on-site in our modern workspace next to Hauptbahnhof.

Apply now and bring your artistic vision to life!

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