Freifach English language culture
and arts in Vienna

Students of all departments and homerooms who are interested in the English-language cultural life of Vienna have visited a range of different events, exhibitions and venues this year. In spite of a lockdown-break, we were able to get a tour through the World Press Photography exhibition and the David Hockney exhibition in the Kunstforum. Our interest in the theater was ignited by a hilarious impro show by the English lovers in the English theater as well as by an entertaining comedy, “Private Lives”. We also went to the cinema twice for James Bond and a classic Agatha Christie movie. The Shades Tour on drugs and addiction was particularly moving and has left a lasting impression. An Escape the room-event at No Way Out adventures was definitely a highlight for the group! The Klimt Immersive experience was a nice and relaxing closing event. Thank you for joining me in this year’s events, I am looking forward to guiding you through next year’s events as well! Have a lovely summer break!
Beteiligte Lehrende: Stevens