4amfdp at Westlicht –
World Press Photography Exhibition

The exhibition was very interesting and informative.
The topics were well presented because they corresponded to reality and addressed many important topics. Personally, many of the pictures were too brutal for me and I would have liked more positive pictures, even if there are more negative topics to show from the world at the moment. I definitely learned a lot from the exhibition about the wars and how people live in other countries or continents. I personally liked the dying river the most because it showed how important bees are and that the climate crisis is the main reason why they are dying.
In many pictures the topic of the climate crisis was shown in different situations and continents; only then did I realize that it is a big problem everywhere in the world.
Beteiligte Klassen: Vtab 4afmdp
Beteiligte Schüler:innen: Vtab
Beteiligte Lehrende: Kerstin Stevens
Beteiligte Partner: Westlicht/Sabine Jencek